Patch Notes 6/12/2018

VentureLand a posted Jun 12, 18

New item added: Portal scroll
- Similar to spawn tp scrolls but creates a temp portal location that can be returned to within 10 mins
- Dropped as regular loot and can be bought in the shop for gems
- Advanced version can be used at any height but is rarer
- Interface & prices updated
- Tier 4 items added
- Enchantment & attachment stats increased
Pit of Trials:
- Loot bonus now also scales based on waves completed
- Fixed some floors to prevent spiders climbing to the roof
- Reduced spawn tp scrolls average channel time
- All teleport scrolls are now only removed if the teleport is successful
- Fixed issue with some abilities not hitting
- Missile can no longer go through solid blocks
- Crystal Avatar xp and rating rescaled to give less at lower levels

New Boss: Crystal Avatar
- Difficulty scaling based on a level system, boss gets harder and has more mechanics as level increases
- Beating your highest level (solo) unlocks higher levels
- Solo and team modes available but higher levels can only be unlocked with solo mode
- Option to chain kills from low to high to increase loot multiplier
- New unique weapon attachments: modifies weapon abilities when equipped
- Limit of one ability modifier attachment per weapon

Other Updates
- Bosses now give 4x loot for first time loot regardless of highlight status
- Ranks can now favorite up to 3 bosses
- Health On Kill now has a very short cooldown similar to Health On Hit
- Mace Throw bash duration reduced from 1.0/1.5 to 0.8/1.2
- Sever damage reduction reduced from 15/25 to 10/20
- Deflection mob block chance changed from 1.5x to flat +20%
- Whip base velocity increased
- Lasso distance rescaled from 15/17.5/20 to 15/20/20
- Lasso III now deals 20 extra damage on hit
- Grapple III bonus damage increased from 15 to 20
- Shockwave distance reduced from +4/8/12 to +3/6/9

Patch Notes 4/30/2018

VentureLand a posted Apr 30, 18

- Updated interface for disposal & selling items
- Shop sell values slightly rebalanced, enchantment and attachment values now based on tier
- Unprotected valuable items will now always give a warning before leaving spawn
- Changing house theme no longer resets claim timer
- Fixed issue with right clicks being blocked by holograms
- Vote party bombs removed
- Vote present rewards improved
- Rewards for every 20 and 100 votes improved
- Lucky vote chance now increases by 1% every 25 votes
- Raw feedstock added to token shop

Elite Mobs

VentureLand a posted Apr 6, 18

All mobs now have a chance to spawn as a veteran or elite mob

Veteran Mobs:
- Slightly harder version of a normal mob with extra HP
- Can be identified by the bold nametag and veteran symbol
- Drops double loot

Elite Mobs:
- Even harder version with more HP and mechanics. Non-aggressive until attacked
- Spawns with 1 random prefix
- Drops double loot from a tier above, with a higher chance of gear/upgrades

- Wands auto attack speed reduced by about 10%
- Missile damage decreased from 250/300 to 200/250
- Arcane Haste start & end cooldowns slightly increased

New Weapon - Wands

VentureLand a posted Mar 25, 18

- New ranged weapon type focused on high dps and aoe through the use of abilities
- Weapon specific stat is Ability Power: increases damage done by abilities

Other Updates
- Fixed some ability casting glitches
- Rebalanced item weights for different tiers
- Fixed Yeti cold mechanic glitching in group fights
- Easter eggs are back for the next 2 weeks
- Players can no longer attack while bashed
- Base bash duration lowered by 0.1s
- Fixed Charge not doing damage
- Rapid Fire damage increased from 70% to 80%
- Increased whip knockback against players
- Slightly reduced range & increased arrow knockback for Escape
- Powershot bonus damage increased from 21/30 to 28/40
- Timer-based skills can now be cancelled early by clicking the weapon in your inventory
- Deflection strength drain decreased from 10/5 to 6/3
- Parry cooldown reduced by 20%