Market Improvements

VentureLand a posted Jan 9, 18

- Market is now split into categories for easier searching. Navigate the categories using the bottom row
- Expiry time for listings added to listings page
- New store tokens added to /store, tradable versions of existing store packages (ranks and gem packs). Can be traded or sold on the market


VentureLand a posted Dec 29, 17

Holiday Event 2nd Half
- Alpha Yeti Insane Mode now open
- More items added to Santa's store (final, no further items will be added)

- Fixed movement speed effects being removed on login and world change
- Prevented most cases of dying in a boss fight after the boss dies
- Improved the issue with constant lag spikes (hopefully)

Holiday Event + Sale

VentureLand a posted Dec 21, 17

Holiday Event
Here until Jan 8th
- New event boss: Alpha Yeti. Entrance can be found at spawn
- Santa's Store returns - Collect holiday coins from the new boss or from presents found around the world and spend them at Santa's shop located at spawn"

Rank Sale
- Up to 75% off ranks and rank upgrades
- Ends Dec 31st

Map Expansion

VentureLand a posted Dec 10, 17

Map expanded to the north
- 55 new mobs
- 6 new T5 areas
- /map updated to include the new map
- Special map expansion quest: Kill one of each new mob. Complete within the next 2 weeks to claim the reward. Info can be viewed through the quest menu

- Chest loot tables improved
- T4 mob loot tables improved
- Removed Tier 4 drop broadcasts
- Decreased stamina drain while sprinting

Patch Notes 11/11/2017

VentureLand a posted Nov 11, 17

- Movement speed: Max increased to 28%
- Revenge: Now has a few seconds delay before dealing damage
- Fire: Max increased to 6s
- Fire enchantment effects will now continue to deal damage in water and rain
- Fire enchantment effects will now do damage to nether type mobs
All enchantments and attachments now have a tier indicator on the item name
Resource pack updated