Patch Notes 3/4/2018

VentureLand a posted Mar 4, 18

Quest Improvements
- More items added to quest point shop
- Quest point rewards increased for all quests
- Rewards increased for lower tier quests
- Increased spawn rates for some low-spawning mobs
- Daily quest reroll penalty is now capped at 75%
- Daily quest rewards are now auto-claimed

- Waypoint feature added to help with finding locations. Currently implemented for bosses, quests & airdrops
- Custom waypoints can also be set using /waypoint x y z

- XP curve slightly adjusted (about 20% more total xp to level 60)
- XP gain enabled at lvl 60 for weapon skills. A reward crate is now given each time you reach the XP cap.
- Increased XP and amount of gold dropped from bosses
- Slightly reduced XP from mob kills

- Crafting costs for enhancers rebalanced
- Min quality limit increased to 85 for armor and 95 for weapons
- Decreased crafting costs of min quality boosters
- Items now start with higher min quality

- Fixed fall damage reduction not working in duels
- Slightly reduced knockback from ranged mobs
- Airdrop timer increased to 8 mins
- Common and uncommon treasures combined into 1 type
- Treasures added to boss loot

Boss Loot Rework
- Each day, 5 random bosses will be highlighted and give more loot than other bosses
- Highlighted bosses give 4x loot, unhighlighted bosses give 1x loot in solo and 2x in team. (Please note that 4x loot with the new system is similar to normal loot with the old system)
- You have the option to favorite a boss to always be highlighted through the boss menu

Unique Items
- All unique items now come with a special bonus stat (stacks with existing stats)
- Increased max attach slot chance for T5 uniques
- T4 uniques will now always have max attach slots

New Bosses
- 2 new lower tier bosses: Psycho Bandit (1 star) & Captain Bones (3 star)
- Alpha Yeti is also back as a permanent boss (4 star)

Other Updates
- An area teleport feature has been added to spawn opposite the random portal
- Boss tp scroll drop rates doubled
- Ranks now get a daily number of free boss teleports to any boss, access though the boss menu
- Boss quickchat menu updated
- Fire damage reduced to 4 per tick
- Fire and poison now do double damage to mobs
- Fixed teleport crashing glitch

Market Improvements

VentureLand a posted Jan 9, 18

- Market is now split into categories for easier searching. Navigate the categories using the bottom row
- Expiry time for listings added to listings page
- New store tokens added to /store, tradable versions of existing store packages (ranks and gem packs). Can be traded or sold on the market


VentureLand a posted Dec 29, 17

Holiday Event 2nd Half
- Alpha Yeti Insane Mode now open
- More items added to Santa's store (final, no further items will be added)

- Fixed movement speed effects being removed on login and world change
- Prevented most cases of dying in a boss fight after the boss dies
- Improved the issue with constant lag spikes (hopefully)

Holiday Event + Sale

VentureLand a posted Dec 21, 17

Holiday Event
Here until Jan 8th
- New event boss: Alpha Yeti. Entrance can be found at spawn
- Santa's Store returns - Collect holiday coins from the new boss or from presents found around the world and spend them at Santa's shop located at spawn"

Rank Sale
- Up to 75% off ranks and rank upgrades
- Ends Dec 31st